“Find a system that is corrupt and dismantle it

— Jeroen Bouweriks (2018)


As students, most of us are confined to travelling by public transport. We’re even granted a right of ‘free’ passage during our educational years. But nothing is ever really free, everything comes at a cost. In this case, our privacy.

Year: 2018
Type: Conversation Piece

Ankle Bracelet

Monitoring a person’s every step, confining that same person to a limited space while travelling and requiring him/her to be able to be identified at all times. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? 

The Leash

I decided to combine the infamous aesthetic of the mandatory ankle bracelet, worn by (convicted)criminals, with the mandatory travelcard, containing an RFID chip. Similar in functionality, but now also similar in appearance.



Multiple articles and investigations have informed about the privacy infringement that Translink(mother company of the OV-Chipkaart) have made on thousands of public transport users, from which the majority happen to be students. Don’t just take my word for it, here you can find an article on it, published by AD.

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