No Matter Who You’re Wearing




Client: Nike
Year: 2019
Reviewed by: Frank Anselmo | SVA
Partner: Ersem Ercil
Type of work: Spec 

What matters, is your mindset — Having nice running attire doesn’t make you a disciplined runner. In rain or sunshine, muscle strain or not, it takes a couple of days per week to become who you want to be. You just need to get out there and do it.



What has the biggest sportswear brand in the world left to sell?

We’re kind of tired of seeing the same ads with perfect athletes, in perfect matched attire, with their perfect facial expressions.

We don’t believe that’s what’s sport is about. It’s about grabbing what you’ve got and walking, running or rolling with it.


That’s why, as an extension of the idea, we went out to Central Park and photographed real people running, no matter what they were wearing.


Sending out a message that it’s okay, as long as you just do it.




By letting cars with projectors attached to their roofs drive through the city, we can spread our message everywhere.

Using the already-made billboards to extend the thought of the campaign even further.

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