iOriginally: Decaluwé, originating from the north of France.
   Currently: Graduating at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the south of the Netherlands.

Jr. Creative  –
Intern  –

Dyon Kaleuwee is a multi-disciplinary, aspiring— yeah, you don’t believe that either do you? We both know it’s me writing this. That’s just your luck, since I am not that fond of writing about myself.

“I could tell you a lot, but it’s not, in a gentleman’s code.As Sinatra put it in the song one for my baby (1947), I truly believe that a man should not talk about himself too much. You see, I wasn’t going to be objective anyway. 

Film  –  SVA
New York
Advertising  – WdKA

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What I can tell you, is that I work from a vast & consistent principle. You could call it prefabrication, or preferably readymade.

I like to look at it as a formula originating from film: A + B = C. In which A & B stand for the two different, yet married compartments. And then there’s C, which is the meaning that’s given to it by the audience.

Which, currently speaking, means you’re part of the work as well.

Furthermore, I form a team together with my unconventional friend: Ersem Ercil. We share the exact same values when it comes to work, and even more important than that, we share the same humour. Believe me, it gets lightheartedly dark. More about us

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