What is imagination? You reach up to the heavens for an idea, then you bring it down to earth and you put it to work.



We share the same birthday. Something I only found out about later. However, that’s not the reason why I dedicated this page to Frank. 

Besides being the absolute best at what he did, Frank was much more than a singer. Frank was a polymorphic creative. He was one of the few performers, who could really make his audience linger. Engaging people is great, but what about moving them to tears?

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iOl ‘man river: A song about oppression. Martin Luther King Jr. wept during his performance of it at the Carnegie Hall benefit in 1961.

Frank wasn’t just a great performer. He was a conceptual thinker. He would read the lyrics before listening to the music, to get the essence of the story just right.

And it was all about the essence. He decided if songs had certain values and emotions, albums should too. The first ever concept album was born.

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iIn the wee small hours: First ever concept album.


Now, I could go on and on, but it all boils down to this:

Sinatra is someone who, although not recognized as an advertiser, accomplished to sell himself and his products for over 9 decades. He captivated his listeners, mesmerized his viewers and bridged generations.

It’s not just Sinatra that inspires me, it’s the idea of Sinatra.



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