“the greatest gift to give people,
is your enlightenment”

— Buddha


This project is an act of retribution. It zooms in on the sudden uprise of political figures during crisis time in Europe, and zooms out, on the misrepresentation of Buddha as a non-religious decorative item in the west.

Year: 2020
Type: Graduation Project



I handcrafted sculptures, using new 3D technologies and old Ceramic applications, to create a new symbol. Combining the oppressed and the oppressor, realizing a material confrontation. 



As an advertiser, I couldn’t help myself but putting a commercial touch to this project. I’ve set up a somewhat satirical webshop for people to order their own Divine Leader, including placement policy. If you’re interested in acquiring a piece of the project, click here.

AR(T) Exhibition

(Mobile Only)

Art deserves an exhibition. But where do you exhibit it, when the world is fighting a pandemic and you’re in lockdown? Right, at home. I chose to exhibit this project on allworld.io, wherewith the help of AR technology, you can have your own personal exhibition of my sculpture within the comfort and safety of your own home. (Scroll down for link)

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