“Let’s sell them on the commerciality
of advertising

— Dyon Kaleuwee & Ersem Ercil (2017)


This is where it all started. Me & Ersem Ercil were asked in our first year of studying, to put our own study(Advertising) on the map. The study was surrounded by the stigmas of commerciality and superficiality. Instead of playing defense, we chose to play offense. This also happened to be our first project together and an unforeseen start, to a fruitful team relationship.

Year: 2017
Type: Brandjacking


By extracting the code of the existing(then new) academy website, we were able to copy it and appropriate it to our newly invented brand promise. 




Student Art

We questioned students from other studies within the academy about advertising and got reactions like: “It diminishes the artistic value of this school”, “It’s too commercial”, or more eloquently put: “FUCK OFF”. We thought they were absolutely right. So, in their honor, we decided to sell their work on the website, thus making it a webshop.

Fun Fact: we based the price of the works on the number of likes it got on the artist’s Instagram.



A new brand promise goes together with promotional merchandise. So we took the bestselling article from the academy’s shop: the tote bag, and appropriated that too. Oh, and we also made t-shirts.

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